These movies you can watch on valentine’s day with your loved ones: Krishna and his leela, Oreybujjiga:

There are some great movies released on OTT platforms where Krishna and his leela and Oreybujjiga are the most liked films since the beginning of this year. These are the latest telugu movies online that you can watch. These movies feel like made with a touch of comedy that makes you realise that the relationship problems in life only makes you more connected to each other. You can watch romantic movies online on Aha.


Krishna and his leela is the title that perfectly resembles the story. Krishna is a young individual who breaks up with Sathya in college realises that love isn’t a perfect fit for him. He changes the city to live a better life. As he matures and starts working as  a man, he falls in love with a new woman who loves him unconditionally,Radha. They get into a relationship and one fine day, when he was in pub, he meets Sathya and they recollect all the memories they have. Sathya doesn’t know that he is in a new relationship and they both start to hang on together where an accident happens and siddhu had to support Sathya at her home lying to radha. The story runs as he maintains two girl friends by lying to each other and as it comes to the tip of break down, he calls both of them and opens up about everything. The further story awaits for you to watch.

Oreybujjiga is a romantic comedy film perfectly representing the likes of people in the villages. The concept of misunderstanding of words when people communicate was highlighted that bursts your stomach as you laugh. The story is about two people Bujji and Krishnaveni running away from their homes for personal reasons at the same time, resulting in the false belief that they both eloped together from the village.  Krishnaveni’s family being powerful, makes the bujji family suffer from financial problems until as they believed bujji took krishnaveni, Bujji has to bring her back. As being aware of the situation, while happily being in love with another woman in the city, Bujji starts finding Krishnaveni only to realise eventually that the woman he loves is the girl he is searching for. The story will have such a twisting plot and is a fun ride for the viewers to get in.

Technical aspects of Krishna and his leela:

  • Actors performances for their designated characters are advanced.
  • Script writing is smoothly done to make up the points.
  • Music and BGM also makes the situations more pleasantful.

Technical aspects of Oreybujjiga:

  • Script writers have done a great job in humour.
  • Songs have become a great hit.
  • Young actors are proving their talent.

Cast and Crew of Krishna and his leela:

Actors: Siddhu, Shalini, Shraddha srinath

Director: RavikanthPerepu

Producer: Rana Daggubati

Production companies: Suresh Productions, Viacom18 Motion Pictures

Screenplay: RavikanthPerepu, Sidhu Jonnalagadda

Cast and Crew OfOreyBujjiga:

Actor: Raj Tharun

Actress: Malvika Nair

Other actors: Naresh, HebahPatel,  Ajay Ghosh, Raja Ravindra

Director: Vijay Kumar Konda

Writer: Vijay Kumar Konda

Producer: K.K. Radhamohan

These two are the latest telugu movies online that got hit from its initial release and you can watch romantic movies online on aha.

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